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In many circumstances you can get an increase on your payment for any spouse/partner you have.

For means tested payments your rate of payment depends on your family size.  Any income your spouse/partner has may reduce your payment.  You may be surprised at how much your spouse/partner can earn before you lose your entitlement.  For example, if you do not have children, your spouse/partner can earn up to €580 a week before you will lose your entitlement to Jobseekers/Disability Allowance.

If you are on a Social Insurance payment (eg. Jobseekers Benefit/Illness Benefit) and are separated or divorced you may still be able to get a payment for them on some social welfare payments, if you pay your partner maintenance and they do not have more than €100 income per week of their own.

You cannot claim for a spouse or partner if they have their own social welfare payment.

If you are refused an increase for your spouse/partner you can appeal the decision to the Social Welfare Appeals Office.