Social Welfare rules are changing all the time.  Your social welfare entitlements also change along with your circumstances.  Sometimes we don't think about how changes will affect our social welfare payments.  There are also a number of secondary benefits and social welfare payments that not everyone is aware of.  We recommend that you check your social welfare entitlements at least once every year, and also every time you experience a change of circumstances.  You may not be receiving everything that you are entitled to.

Check to see whether you are getting the right rate of payment (eg. if you are under 26 or if you have means assessed against you), whether there are any secondary benefits you are entitled to, and how your social welfare payment will be affected if you start working.

Contact us or call in to any of our clinics and one of our experts can go over your circumstances to see if you are receiving everything you are entitled to.


Clinic Times

MONDAY:  Blanchardstown
Corduff Community Resource Centre:  10am-12pm
FIRST MONDAY OF MONTH: Longford Acorn Project: 10am-1pm
TUESDAY:  North Strand, Dublin 3 Larkin Unemployed Centre:  9am-5pm
WEDNESDAY: Polish, Russian & Romanian clinics, Larkin Unemployed Centre: 9am-1pm
LAST WEDNESDAY OF MONTH: CASP, Ballyowen Meadows, Dublin 22: 7pm-8pm
THURSDAY:  North Strand, Dublin 3 Larkin Unemployed Centre:  9am-5pm
FRIDAY: Crumlin, Dublin 12 ARC, 101 Cashel Road: 10am-12pm

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